Saturday, December 31, 2011

Styled 102

* Glam Affair (skin)
* LeLutka (hair)
* MJS (shoes)
* Carisma Creations (dress) - NEW!
* Beccikie (nails)
* GK (earrings)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Styled 101

new stuff from Razorblade Jacket, hunt items, gacha festival and more... on Depraved Nation sim!
* Razorblade Jacket (outfit: top, skirt, gloves, socks)
* *COCO* (boots)
* [shag] (hair)
* LaVie (tatoo)
* [glow] studio (earrings, lashes)
* Moondance (nails) - New winter nails! Colorchange!
* PURPLE POSES (poses)
* Glam Affair (skin)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Featured 006

Again, my lil cutie Siemgirl Karsin.
She is too sweet!
* Glam Affair (skin)
* [e] (hair)
* Emery (top)
* Ncore (shoes)
* GK (earrings)
* CandyNails (nails)
* Fishy Strawberry (shorts)
* Alex (piercings) - as long as she knows, this brand doesn't exist anymore and the store never really had a name: ALex is the name of the old owner

Styled 100

It's the 100th style that I present on the blog. Who would ever thought that I would go that far? It's... lovely!
Thank you all content creators who gave me the opportunity to blog your creations, thank you people who gifted me some stuff that I featured...and thank me who earned money to buy the stuff XD
* PURPLE POSES (poses) - NEW poses: Model Poses KHLOE - 10 new female poses for [PRIVATE ROOM - EVENT] and after the event, will be avaliable in store. The event starts on 30th December, more informations will be available on my blog soon :)
* AMARELO MANGA (outfit) - NEW: Marcelle Overall (includes belt)
* League (jewelry)
* LoQ (hair)
* Bax Coen (shoes)
* Beccikie (nails)
* La Vie (skin)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Promo 005 - Bag poses! WoW

Today I want to introduce you to a new pose set that will change your way of posing in your blog, r even on runway! I am talking about the Bag Issue set from The Muse. It is a pack of five poses for a model with bag in hand. Here my pictures, with an outfit that you already know from Styled 029.
This Serie will be on D'rezz up, which is a new discount store  by InWorld Inc.
This Bag Pose Serie will be on D'rezz up for a couple of week, until the  01/01/2012. 5 pose pack is 50L. After this is over, check those poses at The Muse Poses.

Styled 099

* MONS (skin)
* [shag] (hair)
* Beccikie (nails)
* GF (dress, shoes) - Dress: Xmas SOM gift; Shoes: red and white is currently 50% off instore!
* Manifeste (pose)
* *ByKay* (necklace)
* Fujiko Creation (bracelet)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Styled 098

* Glamour Style (lingerie, hat, scarf) - Christmas Gift!
* Al Vulo! (skin) - TDR exclusive!
* Exile (hair)
* GF (shoes)
* Beccikie (nails)
* GK (jewels)

Styled 097

 I told about my shows as I still was a student, did I?
Well, this is another of those outfits. It was a looooong time ago.
* Glam Affair (skin)
* LoQ (hair)
* Atelier Bonetto (outfit) - TIGER
* Nardcotix (shoes)
* Exodi (eyelashes)
* Beccikie (nails)
* (SS) (jewels)
* Miamai (poses)
* [glow] studio (eyes deco)

Featured 005

I bet, some of you have heard of her... or maybe know her in person...
Or just have read on my blog about some of her initiatives...
Today, I am very pleased to introduce to you a new featured on my blog. I am speaking of Katiuscia Vollmar.
She is ne of the best Italian SL models, and owns K.V. Dream Fashion Agency. You sure have hear about this agency, since I have been modeling for it quite often lately, and Katiuscia has been promoting a lot of amazing events such as hunts and sales. Oh, yeah, she is also the designer of *RED PASSION*. She really has talent, doesn't she?
Anyway, here I am presenting her wearing the very latest releases of many great brands.
Let the pictures have words, and look how amazing she is dressed up today!

* LAQ (skin)
* Lelutka (hair)
* Gabriel (coat, dress)
* Maitreya (boots, bag) - MESH!

So simple, so nice, so beautiful! :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Styled 096

I'm in the mood of showing some old pictures today. Finally I am proud to show you some pictures taken during one of my runways as a model student.
I will be a trainer for new model students in January, and I hope they will be motivated by reading these posts about me as student and moreover comparing how I was past then and how I am right now.
Basically, nothing changed. I have always been extravagant and unique, but while taking part in the courses I also learnt that I have to show off the clothes and not just myself and my personality. I think I was doing better when I was a student and just right after my graduation. Now I always get people telling my outfit is overequipped! *laughs*
You know, for the blog is all ok, for the stage it might not always be ok.
It depends on the dress, but yeah I will explain the difference to my students during the course.
So, thi is one of th outfit I presented during this show as a student. It is from Atelier Bonetto.

The picture was taken way back in time so... please don't mind if the graphics are a bit weird and different from what you have seen recently.
* Exodi (skin, lashes)
* Manifeste (pose) - OMG, this was the first gown pose I ever bought...and also the first pose I bought from Manifeste!
* Atelier Bonetto (dress, shoes) - ANASTASIJA
* Candy Nails (nails)
* !lamb (hair)
* Shiny Things (jewels)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Styled 095

Still wondering what to wear during Christmas celebrations?
Or just looking for something special, unique and magic?
Well, I might have the answer for you.
This answer has a name: it's J'ADORE from *RED PASSION*, the brand of Katiuscia Vollmar.
It is the latest release and fits perfectly any woman who wants to be classy, glam and even aggressive.

It's amazingly detailed, and I could not miss to show you this detail in details.
And it may be worn as a long elegant dress, or like a shorter dress. Depending on your likes and what you are attending.
* Glam Affair (skin)
* LoQ (hair)
* Candy Nails (nails)
* Avante (poses)
* *GF* (shoes)
* GK (jewels)
* House of Fox (headdress)
* *RED PASSION* (dress) -

Another hit your inventory can't miss!

Blogging 004

We are all getting crazy in these days!
Preparing a Fashion Show can be a lot of fun. And we do have fun while training the catwalk and all. We were doing a training on ourselves today, and then we realised we were too cute not to take a shoot of us.
So, here we are...
This is one of the dresses that will be available for sale in today's runway show, from Aliza Karu. And the 3 models in the picture are (from left to right): Alexandra89 Larnia, Astralia Resident and Beccikie Jyraffe.
This amazing picture has been taken by Astralia Resident, have a look at her website:!

For info about the runway show, just scroll down my blog or wait a couple of minute...I'll blog it again!

Styled 094

Another dress featured in the runway show. This time I am very pleased to present a dress from a brand that I already blogged, and that I walked in a catwalk. Don't remember it? Here's your limo: Styled 057.

* Exodi (skin)
* [e] (hair)
* [glow] studio (lashes)
* Glamour Style (pose, dress, umbrella, shoes) - CHRISTMAS DOLL: New available at tonight's runway show! Join us today, this dress will be 50% off during the show. Follow the slurl below.

Styled 093

* Glam Affair (skin)
* Vanity Hair (hair)
* Beccikie (nails)
* [glow] studio (lashes)
* Manifeste (pose)
* Atelier Bonetto (outfit, including boots and jewels) - TWINKLE: New outfit featured in today's K.V.Christmas Runway show. Do not miss the chance to buy it during the show: follow the slurl below and join us at 1.30pm SLT.

Style 092

* Glam Affair (skin)
* [e] (hair)
* Manifeste (pose)
* Beccikie (nails)
* GoS (boots)
* Aliza Karu AD Creations (outfit, including hat and deco) - I LOVE XMAS LIGHT: available for sale during the K.V. Christmas Runway Show! Do not miss this chance, follow the slurl below and join us at 1.30pm SLT.

Styled 091

* MONS (shin)
* [e] (hair)
* [glow] studio (lashes)
* Beccikie (nails)
* Manifeste (pose)
* MEB (outfit, boots included) - KATY: New MEB outfit for K.V. Christmas Runway.
The outfit will be on sale during the runway show. Do not miss the chance to buy it. Slurl following below.

Styled 090

* MONS (shin)
* Exile (hair)
* Manifeste (pose)
* [glow] studio (lashes)
* Beccikie (nails)
* Giulia Design (dress, jewels, shoes) - NEW! MIRTA: featured in today's runway show, for sale during the show 50% off.
Do not miss this chance: follow the slurl below.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Style 089

I choosed this skin because it fits with the idea of magic that the designer wanted to give to the dress...isn't it just looking as if it was stardust?

 * Plastik (skin)
* LoQ (hair)
* Avante (pose)
* Stiletto Moody (shoes)
* Candy Nails (nails)
* Innuendo (dress) - Polvere di Stelle - NEW! Available at K.V.Christmas Show: do not miss it!
This dress will be sold only in 20 copies. So get the slurl written below and buy your copy.
Remember: only 20 copies will be sold. After that...SOLD OUT!

Styled 088

* Glam Affair (skin)
* Avante (pose)
* Plume (hair)
* *MJS* (shoes)
* Beccikie (nails)
* Manuelita Andretti (dress, jewels) - NEW! This dress is participating in tomorrow's fashion show! And will be on sale during the show. Do not miss it :)

Styled 087

* Glam Affair (skin)
* Exile (hair)
* Beccikie (nails)
* *GF* (shoes)
* [glow] studio (eyelashes)
* Manifeste (pose)
* Mamis@style (dress and jewels) - GIPSY RED: dress featured in tomorrow's show! Will be available 50% off. Runway show at 1.30pm SLT, follow the slurl.

Styled 086

* MONS (skin)
* Vanity Hair (hair)
* Exodi (lashes)
* Manifeste (pose)
* Ncore (shoes)
* Glitter (dress, gloves, earrings) - NEW! Availble 50% off, only 100$L, at the K.V. Christmas Runway Show. Tomorrow, 22nd December, 1.30pm SLT

Do not miss this dress and many other exclusives at the show!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spam 007 - Aspiri a diventare Modello/a?

***Sorry Italian Only*** (it's a Modeling School organizing a training course, if you are interested in modeling courses in English just drop me an IM inworld I will be glad to give you advices and help you)

Aspiri ad entrare nel mondo della moda?
Il tuo avatar è sempre curato nei minimi dettagli?
Ti diverti a fare abbinamenti e creare completi di buon gusto ma unici e originali?
Allora, cosa aspetti a calcare le passerelle di Second Life insieme a noi?

Sicuramente sei la persona adatta a migliorare le tue capacità ed ad imparare tante nuove cose. Ti chiedi come?

La Siria's Fashion Agency sta formando una nuova classe di studenti apprendisti modelli che vogliano migliorare o tuffarsi per la prima volta nella conoscenza del mondo della moda di Second Life.
Il corso avrà inizio a gennaio 2012 e si svolgerà nell'arco di 10 lezioni, più eventuali ripassi e lezioni extra di pratica a seconda del bisgno degli studenti e di disponibilità di trainer ed insegnanti.

Alla base della notecard è allegato un programma indicativo degli argomenti delle lezioni ed informazioni logistiche.

L'agenzia è stata creata da Siria87 Galicia, attualmente direttrice, con lo scopo di intrattenere rapporti umani tra tutti coloro che hanno interesse nel mondo della moda, aggiornandosi a vicenda sui cambiamenti di stile e tendenza, e si pone come principio fondamentale il rispetto reciproco d'ogni membro dell'agenzia, dall'apprendista al direttore.

Per tutto il mese di dicembre saranno aperte le iscrizioni al nuovo corso, tramite notecard di candidatura. Queste pre-iscrizioni verranno valutate ed approvate dai membri dello staff, entro la seconda lezione andrà infine saldata la quota di iscrizione.

Ogni lezione avrà una durata di circa un'ora e mezza, massimo due ore. Il docente, salvo imprevisti, resterà disponibile per gli studenti che ne abbiano bisogno anche 15-20 minuti dopo il termine della lezione, per domande o chiarimenti. Le lezioni si svolgeranno dalle 21.00 circa, orario italiano.

I docenti che terranno le lezioni sono tutti modelli certificati, stilisti o personaggi che hanno contribuito e contribuiscono alla crescita del mondo della moda di Second Life. Alcuni di essi hanno anche esperienze RL affini a queste tematiche.

I docenti che terranno stabilmente le lezioni di questa edizione del corso sono:
* Siria87 Galicia
                direttrice dell'Agenzia e modella professionista
* Rebecca Molinaxil
                 modella professionista
* Beccikie Jyraffe
                 modella professionista, fotografa, blogger
* Alexandra89 Larnia
                 modella professionista, coordinatrice sfilate
A questi docenti si affiancheranno di volta in volta ospiti che terranno lezioni speciali su alcuni temi.
Al termine dello svolgersi delle lezioni verrà chiesto agli studenti di prepararsi per una piccola valutazione finale del proprio percorso formativo. Gli studenti parteciperanno inoltre a degli eventi moda promossi dall'Agenzia durante la durata del corso, senza dover partecipare a casting per la selezione.
Superata la valutazione finale con esito positivo, gli apprendisti diverranno Modelli a tutti gli effetti, e potranno usufruire di un contratto a termine indeterminato con l'Agenzia di Moda Siria's Fashion Agency.

Per essere ammessi al corso bisogna inviare la propria candidatura E il 50% della quota di iscrizione. In caso di assenza la prima parte versata non sarà rimborsata.
Ci riserviamo il diritto di convocare gli aspiranti modelli per una breve intervista/colloquio motivazionale. E ci riserviamo il diritto di non ammettere studenti al corso (in tal caso la quota versata per riservare il posto verrà rimborsata).
Saranno ammessi all'esame finale solo gli studenti che avranno frequentato almeno l'80% delle lezioni. Per eventuali problemi di RL sarà possibile concordare ed essere flessibili, ma ricordiamo sempre che tutti abbiamo una RL e organizziamo i nostri impegni per rispettare gli altri e le loro vite, sia prime che seconde.

Adesso un piccolo riepilogo informativo.
SFA - Siria's Fashion Agency
Corso per apprendisti Modelli - gennaio 2012
Numero lezioni: 10 (+ extra ripasso e pratica)
Quota di Iscrizione: 500$L
Notecard Candidatura: ***Inviami un IM inworld e richiedi la notecard***
Docenti: Siria87 Galicia, Rebecca Molinaxil, Beccikie Jyraffe, Alexandra89 Larnia
Data ultima per iscriversi: 7 gennaio 2012
Inizio del corso: entro la prima decade di gennaio
Durata approssimativa: 1 mese

Spam 006 - Fashion Show

December 22nd at 1.30pm SLT:


Exclusive dresses to wish you merry christmas at  50% off only during the show

This dress will be exclusively presented during the fashion show and will be available at 50% discount during the show! Get the chance :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Styled 085

Here I am, ready to update the post.
I really got to run away, but I was so proud of the outfit I made that I had to show it on the blog and tease you all!
So, this dress will be available during the runway show of the 22nd Dec 50% off. Come over to the runway to buy it discounted. It is an amazing dress and you can't miss it in your inventory!

* *RED PASSION* (dress) - ASTRALIA: special new release exclusive for the K.V.Christmas Runway Show - dress available 50% off during the runway
* Glam Affair (skin)
* A&A (hair)
* Vanity Hair (hairbase)
* Finesmith (jewelry)
* Beccikie (nails)
* [glow] studio (eyelashes)
* Ncore (shoes)
* Manifeste (pose)

**** Original Post ****
As I don't have that much time since I got to go catch a train in RL... guys, here you have a preview of what you will see at the Runway show on the 22nd December!
This dress will be on sale discounted of the 50% during the 22nd December.
It is from RED PASSION, lm included in other posts of the brand.
I will add the style card and other info as I will have internet connection again. For now enjoy the pictures and be prepared for the runway!
**Original raw pictures has been cut, you can admire the new better ones **

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