Tuesday, April 30, 2013

KV Magazine - April 2013

KV Mag's new issue has just been released.
Have a look and read the interesting articles. Lots of new releases by the most amazing designers of the grid.

KV Magazine April 2013

In top photo I'm wearing an amazing dress by Son!a Luxury Fashion.
In the picture below I am wearing an outfit from Ydea.

I look pretty cool while doing shopping, don't I?
And here below again an amazing dress by Son!a Luxury Fashion.
I wore these two dresses in two occasions, I will be posting the styling cards as soon as possible. I haven't yet as I was waiting for the mag to come out.

I would also ask all people who sent me review copies and managers of blogger's groups I am member of to be very patient, as my internet connection is very weak these days and I am barely able to log in SL. Every time I try to log I crash and I don't load anything, so it is of course impossible to create new stylings for the blog. I am sure you will understand it. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Styled 271

It seems like the new release of firestorm lets me take cuter pictures than usual... but, there are again those divisions in squares... no lines, but you see it because the lights are different. I don't want to retouch picture so I have to leave them on there :(
Maybe with some lights settings they will be gone... I'll do some experiments!

* *GF* (shoes)
* :V.e. Diagonal Dress (dress) - SUBSCRIBO GIFT
* {MUA} - MakeUp Set - Chocolat (make up lipstick+eyeshadow) - NEW RELEASE
* ""D!va"" (hair)
* *League* (jewelry)
* Candy Nail (nails, ring)
* Swallow Anja Peach (skin)

Styled 270

* Beccikie (nails)
* E-Clipse - Code shirt white (top) - MENS FASHION WEEK
* .:KosmO:. - Danny UnderkneePants Men (pants) - NEW RELEASE
* [CheerNo] (hair)
* Wetcat (pose)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Styled 269

* >.H.C.< Hyperion Creations - Emeline (shoes)
*SLAVE* Blair Dress XS
* Beccikie (nails)
* Magika (hair)
* Wetcat (pose)

Featured 014

After a while I am back presenting some friend's featured posts. This time it's Siemgirl Karsin, owner of .:KosmO:., who shows some cute outfit.

On the background is her shop: slurl.

* *Fishy Strawberry* (skirt)
* *Urbanity* (shoes)
* ::humming:: (shirt)
* !* Rebel -X- *! (necklace)
* **SF** (bracelet, bag)
* :WhoNose: (earring)
* Candy Nail (nails)
* [e] (hair)
* Swallow Anja Ivory Barbie (skin)
* *YS&YS* - (eye)
* agapee (pose)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Styled 268

Another dress from the MISS FASHION 2013 final show. This one was presented by designer Alexia Darkwatch (from Black & White Design) and model Devaduta Brianna.
They didn't win, but they got close: third place.
It's a pleasure for me to present all the clothes who have participated in Miss Fashion 2013 contest!

* Black & White - Sweet Dreams (dress)
* booN (hair)
* :: PM :: Swan (eyebrowns)
* Gems & Kisses (earrings, bracelets)
* Moondance - Diva (nails)
* Swallow (skin)
* Manifeste (pose)

Styled 267

Miss Fashion 2013 came to an end last week. I still have to show you all dresses for semifinals and finals. A couple has already been posted, many haven't.
Today I am presenting the dress from the team who won the contest. This team was Kiddo Oh (designer of Dead Dollz) and Fedebarbie Resident.
Here I am wearing the dress created by Kiddo Oh and presented by Fedebarbie Resident during the finals: Nevermore.

* Step inSide (PartedLips)
* Dead Dollz - Nevermore! (dress)
* MONS / Makeups (eyeliner)
* Tukinowaguma (hair)
* Gems & Kisses (necklace, bracelet)

* Moondance (nails)
* [ glow ] studio (earrings, eyelashes)
* Swallow (skins)
* Manifeste (poses)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Styled 266

INNUENDO released a dress with LOLAS TANGO applier!!
55$L offer at the mainstore!(only few hours left!)

* INNUENDO *LIFE IS A FLOWER blu* (dress, bag, bracelet, pose, lolas applier)
* E-Clipse G-!nspiration (shoes) - L'ACCESOIRE
* Step inSide (PartedLips)
* {MUA} - MakeUp Set -(make up) - GIFT
* ::Exile:: (hair)
* Lolas ::: Tango ::: (breast)
* Swallow Anja Porcelain (skin)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why do you take part in all this?

It is white clear that I took part in a pageant. You may still see on the top of my page a link to the posts about it and my sponsors for the competition.
And I am not going to remove them as I promised them to keep their logos on my page for a certain while as a thank you for their work that, unfortunately, has not been displayed by me by the time.

Well, for many reasons I had to pick up and schedule a date for the preliminary interview. And so I did. But I was not aware that time would change in USA the sunday before all the interviews would start. So the time that in SL stayed the same didn't fit my RL time anymore.
If I picked up that specific time it would have make sens for both my RL&SL, doesn't it?
So probably would have been nice for the organizers to - firstly - remind all non-USA-located contestants to mind the time change, and - secondly - check their IM boxes so that contestants who might meet some special needs would be able to honor their words.
Not only my appointment happened to be an hour earlier than what I planned, but then I also had a call from work if I could stay longer and I had to say yes.
It is not so easy to tell "No" to a pregnant woman that asks you to partially do her shifts.
So I contacted my liason and sent a notecard to the organizer/CEO of the pageant.
I got no answer.


Then I have been pretty busy with RL stuff, as we have a pregnant woman at work and less people who can take her place and do her shifts.
And also was busy with my own Miss Fashion, which I am managing for KV Dream Fashion Agency. So when I logged in SL for half an hour, I had to response some issues about Miss Fashion and looked if there were notecards or communications for me from the other pageant where I am a contestant. Nothing.
"They sure are busy with all the other appointments right now, and it should be night at their place so they are not online. I'll check tomorrow."
When I logged again, I sent a notecard again, where I said I would have been happy to be contacted for a reschedule. This was the first thing I have done, as maybe time could count a bit.
And then read notices. They did send out a notice telling that contestants who missed their interview could reschedule it. And all this happened when for me is 7AM, and contestants would have 10 minutes to contact the board and arrange new appointments.
Great. If I knew there would be a possibility to reschedule I would have tried to be online earlier, as I missed it for about an hour.
Anyway is fine, I had stuff to do in RL and decided to take care of it first and be on SL for the time I was free in RL. THis makes absolut sense.

What surprised me is...
I then wrote again a notecard and IMs telling that I was very sorry for not being able to take part in the interview, but that I would like to take part in helping organizing events and organize some myself. I had contacts with a RL charity and promised to work with them for the next year, no matter if I would be the Miss or if I would be eliminated right away during preliminars.
When we applied, they asked us to try to keep work with the group even if we don't receive the final title, and I was ok with that.
I would have liked to stick with the group no matter what, and help as much I could... as I do have some skills for event managing.
No answer, as usual.
Well, probably they save me for later, as they are busy with semifinals anf finals right now. This is whi even if the board was online I sent them both IMs and NCs, to track conversations and reply later. It helps me too, when I am managing something.
Finals are over. I still don't get answers. I write an IM again. No answers.
The day after I log on SL and find out I got ejected from the group.
I write an IM to the CEO, who is online.
What I wrote is that I found myself ejected from group and I was surprised as I understood we were supposed to be members untill we get the 2014 participants. I asked if he maybe made it by mistake. And also reminded that I sent some NCs which I didn't got answer, if he could answer me about my questions as soon as possible. I also added that I was checking emails because I had IMs and notices capped, but still didn't find anything coming from him or the board staff.
It was the 21st of March. And I am still waiting for an answer.

Very nice, right?

Why am I writing this? I read some posts in several blogs and wanted to write something about my experience too. Especially after writing about this pageant and his CEO in such a good way as I did in this post. I wanted to say that he did great by being always there for questions.
This is what he did during the first week. Then he decided not to answer to anyone anymore, and candidates had to refer only to the blog and website and notices. Then he introduced liasons. Which were very friendly and nice people, but often they didn't have answers and had to ask him... and this made us wait for days to get a simple answer.
And this makes me remember something cool that happened.
My liason was not online, as we had pretty different timezones and I found really hard to talk to her directly. I needed a quick answer about something that might affect another job I was asked for. So I IMed the CEO. And asked for it.
As I write him my IM and press "send", a notice from the group pops up.
The notice says in a very angry way something like "Leave me alone with your dumm IMs, you have your liasons to ask questions to". Ok, he didn't write this, but this is how it sunded to me.
So I apologiezed him for writing to him my IM, but I was in a real need for the answer.
I think I wrote three times and he didn't answer anything, not even "Sorry I'm busy". So I finally wrote something like "I understand you might be busy at the moment, I saw the notice in the group. But as I need this answer by tomorrow, if I don't see my liason online I will be coming back to you if you online and ask again. Thanks"
So he writes me "Yes, thank you for understanding".
Cool, at least he wrote something!
This happened way before prelims. And I think this was only the last time I had a conversation with him.

Funny story.

I am happy I was in this pageant as I made lots of new great friends and shared lot of opinions with many people out there. But I got really disappointed as I got no treats at all. Not even bad ones. I was ignored! Most of the time.
And after reading all other blog posts of other candidates I would not suggest anyone to take part in this, if they will ever do other editions of it.

All my posts about the Miss Metaverse Pageantry are available here.

This post by Isoldel is very accurate.
Tivi also wrote very interesting thoughts and facts.

I am not sure if I'll write about this again, and I didn't feel like blogging my outfits I made for it yet, as I don't want to showcase the pageant as I got disappointed from it.
Sorry to all designers who gave me their items.
I will be surely using them in other outfits and other context!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Styled 265

* !Lyrical B!zarre! (dress) - FLAWLESS SPRING SALE
*{MUA} - Lipstick - Natural - 05 (make up)
*:: PM :: (earrings)
* Candy Nail (nails)
* Tukinowaguma (hair)
* ^^Swallow^^ Fatima II Limited Bazar (skin)
* Manifeste (pose)

Styled 264

* Expressive Poses (pose) - free gift
* E-Clipse - SeasonCardigan (top), ImpactPant (pants) - MEN's FASHION WEEK!
* *booN (hair)
* Tableau Vivant (skin)

Styled 263

* [Amarelo Manga] - Dress Miss Belle Roussel (dress)
* :: PM :: (hair)
* {MUA} (make up) - lipstick: intense color gold; eye: splattered NEW RELEASE!
* Candy Nail (nails)
* FINESMITH(earring)
* Glam Affair (skin)
* Posesion (pose)

Flawless Spring Sale

There is an amazing sale going on at Flawless. Many designers with a 50$L exclusive item and a lot of new releases for good prices.
You should really pay a visit!

As official blogger for the event I will be posting here all exclusive items, hunt prizes and other relevant items that the designer prepared for the sale! So do not miss it!
If you want an overview, here a shortcut to my Flawless tags!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Styled 262

* Ncore (shoes)
* Black & White Design (dress) - Flawless Spring Sale EXCLUSIVE!
* "LoQ Hairs" (hair)
* *COCO* (hand bag)
* Candy Nail (naisl)
* Swallow (glasses, earrings, skin) - Glasses are available at current The Dressing Room!

Styled 261

* Slink (mesh feet)
* Beccikie (nails)
* E-Clipse (jacket, pants)
* "LoQ Hair" (hair) (edited by me a lot!)
* Madrid Solo (make up)
* FINESMITH (earring)
* Swallow (skin)
* Avante (pose)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Styled 260

After a while here you go with some male items featured!

On Beccikie Jyraffe:
.:KosmO:. Spring Flowers (top, skirt) - EXCLUSIVE for Flawless Spring Sale! (will be there for 50$L untill 28th April, go grab it!)
* *League* (jewelry)
* Moondance (nails) - DESIGNER SHOWCASE (will be available untill end of April for 75$L, go grab it!)
* Magika (hair)
* ^^Swallow^^ (skin) - TDR Exclusive (available for next two weeks for 70$L: go grab t!)

Flawless Spring Sale SLURL
Designer Showcase SLURL
The Dressing Room SLURL

On Caius Ghost:
* Evian Egoisme (skin)
* Grasp (jacket)
* Dura (hair)
* Mr Khaos (tatoos) - Made by Caius Ghost!

Styled 259

We had a runway show with KV Dream Fashion Agency. As a hostess of the event, I made some nice outfit and stayed by the stage... in a cage! Here is a picture I took during the show. The quality couldn't be better due to lag and stuff, but enjoyable anyway!

* INNUENDO *ADELE* (dress)
* ""D!va"" Hair  (hair) - it's actually one of the group gift, go grab it!
* [MANDALA] (neacklace, earrings)
* Moondance (nails)
* ^^Swallow^^ (skin)
* Manifeste (pose)

This is a snapshot of the final scene. I am in the right cage on the veeeery back!
Models involved: Katiuscia Vollmar, Misoindite Romano, DreamLove Resident, Lolita Paragorn, Memole Giha, Lucemia Resident, Beccikie Jyraffe.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Styled 258

* [Amarelo Manga] - Dress Miss Luana Barzane (dress)
* .:* Gems & Kisses *:. Marylin (jewelry)
* Candy Nail #P091 (nails)
* [Shag] - Pretty Please (hair)
* ^^Swallow^^ Anja Limited Bazar Ivory (skin)
* Manifeste (poses)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Styled 257

* N-core COQUETTE (shoes) - HOLLYWOOD gift
* No.9 Nylons Vintage (stockings)
* 1 Hundred. Interlude Dress. (top, it's actually a dress) - PINK FUSION hunt
* "LoQ Hairs" Liqueur - Caramel (hair)
* *League* (jewelry)
* ^^Swallow^^ Fatima II Coffee (skin) - LIMITED BAZAR

Friday, April 5, 2013

Styled 256

New supercool release from Black&White!!

* No.9 Nylons Cuban (thights)
* Black&White Romper With Hood black (dress)
* "LoQ Hairs" (hair)
* Madrid Solo- (eye make up)

* ...::: Scrub :::... (nails)
* EvA Angelina Oriantal Black Suede Boots  (boots)
* Swallow (skin)
* WetCat (pose)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Styled 255

* *SoliDea FoliEs* My lovely Cao (dress, accessories)
* Madrid Solo- (eye make up)
* ChiChickie! (hair)
* Swallow (skin)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Styled 254

Another dress form MISS FASHION 2013 SEMIFINALS. This time I present you the lovely DESIRE from INNUENDO! Great job, Ciccia!

* Beccikie (nails)
* INNUENDO *DESIRE* by INNUENDO Italian Style (dress) - it comes with shoes, jewelry and make up. Jewelry is only partially showed in the picture
* SWALLOW (skin, lipstick)
* Madrid Solo- (eyeshadow)
* .ploom. (basic lashes)
* Magika (hair)
* [ glow ] Rhapsody eyelashes (special lashes)
* WetCat (pose)

Styled 253

I am presenting today one of the semifinalist's dresses from MISS FASHION 2013. It has been made by Pixivor from ALAFOLIE.
Check her works as they are amazing. It is 100% mesh, comes with HUD to change colors of the dress (in a version) or to change patterns of every single part (the other version, the one shown here).

* +AlaFolie- DIVINE* (dress)
* .:* Gems & Kisses *:. Marylin - (jewelry set)
* Beccikie (nails, pose)
* [LeLutka] (hair)
* Swallow (skin)

{MUA} Styling advices hour!

I am at {MUA} Mainstore available to give make up advices on your outfits for the next hour.
I will be available from 2AM SLT.
Do not miss this chance to get advices from a professional!

Here your limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aerynth/4/91/23

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Styled 252

 New release from INNUENDO!

* INNUENDO *MARTINA* by INNUENDO Italian Style (jacket, jewelry, skirt, top) - it includes some more items not shown in this picture, and shoes
* *COCO (boots)
* { BoobieLicious } (socks)
* [ glow ] studio - Eyeliner. Dark Night (make up)
* Magika [Hair S] Draw (hair)
* Swallow (skin:Anja Cacao, eyes)
* CORPUS (pose)

Styled 251

* .:KosmO:. Minidress Flowerly side - Upcoming from .:KosmO:.
* {MUA} - Lipstick - Natural - 02 - Last release!
* "LoQ Hairs" (hair)
* ...:::Scrub:::...  (nails)
* {*I <3 FashiOn*} (ring)
* {me.} GAIA (earrings, necklace)
* Swallow (skin, eyes)
* Manifeste (pose)

What's Featured?

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