Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Spam! Wonka Shop

December is coming to an end and the WONKA SHOP is also about to breathe for its last few hours.
The WONKA SHOP is a special shop with items exclusively created for the item and discunted. You still have a few hours to get them, before they will go to full price in the mainstore of the designers... or will disappear forever! (depends on what the designer wants to do)

Do not miss your chance.
Here I present the item from .:KosmO:., which is one of the few male items presented for this edition of the shop.

I know that's hard to recognize, but the hot hunk in the picture is me, and I am wearing the latest male skin from Swallow.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Styled 328

The dress I am featuring will be in the WONKA Fashion Show and will be sold during the show at 50% OFF. Do not miss this chance!
All WONKA Fashion Show exclusive dresses will be sold 50% OFF during the show. I promise it will be spectacular!

* Dead Dollz - Cottoncandy (dress) - WONKA SHOW exclusive (will walk in today's show and will be sold 50% OFF!!)
* Slink (mesh hands)
* Swallow (skin, lipstick)
* .ploom. (hair)
* The Muse Poses (pose fullbody)
* Zeb&Sly (pose close up)
* HallNails (nails applier) - try this nail applier brand: the nails are so realistic!! by Joys Cuttita

Show - Wonka Event Fashion

Be prepared for the Wonka Fashion Show!

K.V. Dream Fashion Agency presents on the 19th of December at 1.00 pm SLT (22.00 italian time) somwthing special to celebrate coming Christmas.

Each featured designer has created an exclusive creation, inspired to the theme “Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory”. The models will walk in a scenografic catwalk, inspirend to this theme too! During the show you can buy these exclusive items at 50% off. The day after the show, the items will be at full price in the designers’ mainstore. Don’t  miss the opportunity to get them at 50% off!!!
Your limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brimstone%20Island/34/215/35


The dress shown in the picture is the .:KosmO:. exclusive dress. The model in the picture is me.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Styled 327

* !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! - Chocolate Mousse (dress) - WONKA SHOP exclusive
* Slink Mesh Hands Alpha
* Amacci (hair)
* Manifeste (pose)
* Swallow Sarah Peach Gold Xmas Gift (skin) - GIFT!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Styled 326

* [VM] VERO MODERO / Keep Calm (outfit) - NEW!
* {{BSD}}Greece goddess  (shoes)
* JAMMAN (nails)
* SWALLOW Denise TDR edition Peach (skin)
* Purple Poses (pose)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Styled 325

Today some great news.

Well, this today was a LOOOONG time ago. Something like almost six months ago. I just had the opportunity to try the newly released SWALLOW skin Ashley, which by the time was still a beta version. I did not know how long it wuld take until the release of the skin, so I prepared a blog post about it. Unfortunately, the skin has been released a pretty longer time later and the post is now a bit old. But I decided to leave it as it was.
Please note, the skin I am wearing is very similar but it is not the Ashley skin you are able to buy now in store. The one you find in store is the one I worn in past few posts and will probably be wearing in future posts, unless it is differently listed in the credits.
Thank you.

A previewer of the upcoming ^^Swallow^^ skin and a lovely dress by Dead Dollz.
Both brands are very close and important to me. You might remember I am part of the Miss Fashion Commitee, and both brands were involved in it. Miss Fashion is a contest for both designers and models, who participate in teams for the title and the prizes.
^^Swallow^^ has been the main sponsor of Miss Fashion while Dead Dollz has been the brand winning the contest.
I blogged a while ago the winner dress designed by Kiddo Oh. You can have a look at it here. The dress I'm presenting today is Tiger Tiger.
I hope some of you had the same idea I had when I firslty read the name of the dress. Why? Well, I unconsciously continued the Tiger Tiger with the sentence burning bright in the forest of the night.
But I was expecting something a little bit more aggressive. And what?! It's a lovely romantic dress with the sonnett written on the skirt. A very cute idea! And LOL! It's exactly the thing that came to my mind: Blake's sonnett!
If you don't know who's Blake and what I am talking about... get started with some English Literature.

About the new Swallow skin. It is Ashley. It has been promoted on flickr a while ago, but not released yet. The one I am wearing is ivory tone, natural make up, blonde eyebrowns.
It may happen that Luciayes Magic (the designer) will be doing some small changes before releasing the final skin, but this should be the look this skin will have, more or less.

Isn't it so cute?
The body is very detailed as we are used with Swallow skins.
The freckless I'm wearing are tatoo layers.

* DEAD DOLLZ - Tiget Tiger (dress)
* SWALLOW Ashley Ivory Natural Blonde E. (skin)

* .:* Gems & Kisses *:. Marylin (earrings, bracelet)
* Beccikie (nails)
* Manifeste (pose)

* +Nuuna+ Meta White 70% (make up) - COSMETIC FAIR
* !*Bliss Hair*! Zylina (hair)
* [ glow ] Rhapsody Peacock (lashes)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Styled 324

 Have you heard about it yet?
Oh, come on, I made a post about it already!
It's a "triple event" event promoted by KV Dream Fashion Agency after an idea of Lost Mills.
There is a discounted shop with exclusive items, there will be a fashion show next week and in two days a grid wide hunt will start. All items featured are exclusives made for the event, and themed after Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Or Chocolate Fabric, as so many dresses have been made with some fabrics that look so real you want to eat them!

I already posted a dress featired in the exclusive shop, today I want to present you a dress that will be in the fashion show. Here you see all my posts about the event.
KV Dream Fashion Agency Website has a complete range of informations about all the three parts of the big event, including pictures of items made by the designers and hints for the hunt.

* PARIS FASHION - Ferrero Roche (dress) - Exclusive for WONKA EVENT. It includes more option of dress, jewelry and headdress, not shown.
* FINESMITH (earrings, bracelet)
* Jamman (nails)
* Swallow Ashley (skin) - NEW RELEASE!
* Vanity Hair (hair)
* Glitterati (pose)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Styled 323

I have a couple of words today.
Firstly I'll say there is a new store on the grid, its name is PoseWay and its owned by two of my SL bestfriends: Astralia Resident and Shanty Bookmite. You do want to pay them a visit and check out their poses.

Then, you may have not noticed that already, but JAMMAN is having an offer on one of the greatest pack of fingernails available. The HUD makes you change the color in million pssibilities, you may ven change just one hand or single nail... decide how long and what shape the tips have to have... You should really try it.
I know that many of you are using mesh hands, but this is something that your inventory shouldn't miss, because of the range of textures available.
The nails are rigged, so that if you use an avimator to make hand poses with your hands, the nails will (FINALLY!) follow your fingers! Isn't this amazing? No more nails standing in the air while you do a handpose!

* INNUENDO *SHINY* (dress, bracelets)
* BeloD - Lux Ballarina (shoes) - NEW RELEASE
* Swallow - Groupie (earrings) - NEW
* Jamman (nails) - MARKETPLACE PROMO!
* Swallow Ashley (skin) - NEW!
* PoseWay (pose) - OPENING GIFT!

Yes, you have recognized it. Swallow came out with a new skin.
I have been looking so forward for it. Months. I saw the first draft that Lucia brought online, and I even tried it on to tell her if I noticed anything that could be changed and also check if it was working on my shape. That skin went through some changes during this months, but what you now see is the great work of patience and a lot of hours spent creating. Enjoy Ashley!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Styled 322

* [AMARELO MANGA] - Dress Nicole - NEW!
* Slink (mesh hands)
* Swallow handmade Earrings & Ring - NEW!
* [Shag] (hair)
* Swallow (skin)
* Manifeste (pose full body)
* Zeb&Sly (pose close up)

K.V. Agency is hiring Bloggers!

Blog blog blog is all you see and all you live for? Then YOU should read this post and get in touch with Beccikie Jyraffe for a Blogger Position at KV Dream Fashion Agency!

Dear Bloggers (male and/or female),

please let introduce me and the Fashion Agency I represent.
I am the head manager of K.V. Dream Fashion Agency, owned by Katiuscia Vollmar, active in SL fashion world since 2008.
My name is Beccikie Jyraffe and I will be the person you should keep contact with in the case you apply for a blogger position in our agency.
I will be monitoring that all bloggers will receive review copies from designers, and that those copies will be blogged on time.

Blogging is an important part of the promotion of events and items produced by the designers who cooperate with the Agency. Everyone is expecting professionalism and seriousness.
If you can't blog an item to time due, just tell me or the designer you are full at the moment, so that we can provide a different blogger to promote that event/item.

What do our bloggers do?
- they own a blog AND/OR have ability to post on a blog,
- they write at least one weekly post,
- they add specific informations about the items featured in the posts, when they are from a specific event/promotion from the Agency,
- they write their promotional post in less than 2 days from receiving the material.

Bloggers are also very welcome to post the promotional posters of events even if they don't have any item to style.

What does the Agency expect from the bloggers?
- availability,
- responsibility,
- sense for styling,
- quality pictures,
- web traffic back to Agency website AND inworld sim,
- be able to make quick posts to promote something in the case of need.
Please note, the blogger position in our Agency is NOT a money paid position. You may receive review copies from designers as a thank you for promoting events and promotions they are taking part into. BUT the biggest compensation is the exposition that the Agency will give you and your blog featuring some of your styling in our website, magazine, flickr... and linking back to you every week for styling tipps. If you do a good work, be sure that the designers (and the blogger manager) will notice you and will send you more review copies and thank you gifts.

If you have more questions please feel free to contact me for clarifications (Beccikie Jyraffe).
In the case you already blogged for us, no matter if you are featured in our website list or not, please get in touch with me or you will be deleted from that list.

If you understood until this point and are ready to apply, please complete the application form attached, renaming it with your name:
!!! Remember to change the name of the notecard into your actual username instead of YOURNAME !!!

Blog URL:
Do you blog for any other blog?

How old is the blog you will be publishing KV posts:
Why do you want to blog for KV?

How long does it usually take you to make a post once you receive an item to promote:

What languages you speak (please also indicate how good):

Do you accept to make blog posts with ADV of our events even if you don't receive any item to style?

Are you willing to do multiple posts for an event?

Would you take part in group pictures to make similar posts on many blogs?

How did you get in touch with KV Dream Fashion Agency first time:
Have you ever been at one of our shows? Where/when?

Are you a model or just a blogger?

What kind of style do you mostly blog?
Does a runway show style fit your styling too?

Thanks for your time.
Please return this notecard to BECCIKIE JYRAFFE.
Every new selected blogger will have a trial period of two months, in which we test if our cooperation works. After the trial period you will be treated as all other bloggers, following our blogger's rules. Those rules will be given to you with a contract by the time you start your trial period. Once you sign the contract we will start sending you ADV and items to blog, and monitor your posting.

For references and informations, please have a look at:
- KV Fashion Sim
- KV website

Thank you for your time.
Beccikie Jyraffe,
Head Manager KV Dream Fashion Agency

Friday, December 6, 2013

Styled 321

Are you ready to Wonka?!

* Slink (mesh hands)
* EASTERLiNG *S* Dolly Shoes (shoes) - NEW
* Giulia Design (dress, hat) - exclusive WONKA SHOP
* [e] (hair)
* ::JOLI:: Zoey (skin) - exclusive SYSP december 2013
* The Muse (pose)
* IsoMotion (nails for slink mesh hands)

The wonka SHop is an event promoted and organized by K.V. Dream Fashion Agency. For more infos, visit its website!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Styled 320

The dress I'm wearing is available in the Dreams Way sim, with a percentage donated to the foundation. Be sure to stop by and check all great designs, exclusive and not exclusive, before the sim is gone.
The charity event will be up until 30th November.

* :: PM :: Elwing Gown in Moss Green (dress) - Dreams Way charity event
* .:Glamorize:. Twisted Darling (make up)
* Amacci (hair)
* Slink (mesh hands)
* Swallow Denise (skin)
* Manifeste (pose)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Styled 319

Should we be punished for being naughty?

* E-Clipse  Camperos (boots) - exclusive for L'ACCESSOIR
* Slink (mesh hands)
* Dead Dollz Heathers PHP (shirt, part of an outfit)
* Swallow - Viva la muerte (headdress) - new in TDR
* Swallow Gwen (skin)
* Posey (pose)

Styled 318

Some more peeks at DREAMS WAY exclusive dresses and the current THRIFT SHOP fair. Aren't all those new releases just so beautyful?

* Slink (mesh hands)
* >TRUTH< (hair)
* Dead Dollz - MOLOKO (dress) - DREAMS WAY exclusive
* N-core (shoes)
* Alice Project (nailpolish for Slink hands) - THRIFT SHOP
* Swallow Skin Jahaira (skin)
* The Muse Poses (pose) Alice in Wonderland - DREAMS WAY exclusive

Monday, November 18, 2013

Styled 317

* Fellini Couture- Dream Flower  (dress) - exclusive for DREAMS WAY
* Slink (mesh hands)
* .:* Gems & Kisses *:. (jewelry)
* LaGyo (headpiece)
* Maitreya (hair)
* Manifeste (pose)
* Swallow Skin Jahaira Peach Papillon (skin) - exclusive forLIMITED BAAZAR
* Alice Project (nailpolish for slink hands) - exclusive for THRIFT SHOP

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Styled 316

* *LpD* Paola (dress: jacket and skirt) - Exclusive for DREAMS WAY
* "LoQ Hair" (hair)
* N-core (shoes)
* Slink (mesh hands)
* Swallow Skully (earrings and ring)
* [ glow ] (prim eyelashes)
* [:ME:] Heather Peach Skintone (skin) - new round of SYSP
* Manifeste (pose)

Styled 315

* Slink (mesh hands)
* .:Glamorize:. (lipstick)
* [ glow ] studio - (eyeliner)
* !*Bliss Hair*! (hair)
* *]MANDALA] (jewelry)
* Anin a Gris [AaG] ANGELIQUE (dress) - EXCLUSIVE for DREAMS WAY Fundraising
* Swallow (skin)
* Manifeste (pose)
* Alice Project (nail polish) - THRIFT SHOP EXCLUSIVE

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Styled 314

This is the exclusive dress from .:KosmO:. made for the fundraising Dreams Way.

* .:KosmO:. Regina di Farfalla (dress)
* Slink (mesh hands)
* Madrid Solo- (blush)
* .:Glamorize:. Lumina Lips (lipstick)
* -Glam Affair - (eyeshadow)
* booN(hair)
* Swallow (skin, bracelet)
* :: PM :: Frozen (necklace)
* N-core OBSESSION (shoes)
* Alice Project (nailpolish for Slink hands) - THRIFT SHOP
* Avante (pose)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Styled 313

* [AMARELO MANGA] - Dress Luara (dress)
* [AMARELO MANGA] - Boots Luara (boots)
* Slink (mesh hands)
* >TRUTH< Demi (hair)
* IE Cuffs - Gacha 8 (pose, cuffs) - THE THRIFT SHOP EXCLUSIVE
* Swallow Shasira Summertime (skin)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Styled 312

Many of you noticed my absence. I thank you all for writing me and sending me messages to cheer up. I'm back. Kind of. I'll try to keep my hard work with designers, as model and blogger, as much as I can.
There are a lot of great releases that I couldn't present on the blog due to RL issues, I thank all designers and bloggers'manager for their understanding and promise I'm doing my best to present all very latest releases that have been gifted to me.
Thank you!

* Slink (mesh hands)
* [VM] VERO MODERO / Mystic catsuit (catsuit)
* {MUA} - MakeUp Set - Paris - Full Set (make up)
* +ROZOREGALIA+*Belial*BRACELET (bracelet)
* .:KosmO:. Summer Purse - Poppy Red (bag)
* Magika [Hair S] Rewind (hair)
* N-core TEMPTATION (shoes)
* Swallow - Viva la muerte 3 (headpiece)
* Swallow Anja Ivory (skin)
* CORPUS (pose)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Styled 311

* No.9 Nylons Cuban Heel (stocking)
* *MJS* (boots)
* [VM] VERO MODERO / Severine Gown (dress) - NEW!
* !*Bliss Hair*! (hair)
* {MUA} - MakeUp Set - Fairy (make up) - NEW!
* :: PM :: Venice (jewelry)
* Beccikie Nails (nails)
* .:KosmO:. lullaby (skin)
* Posesion (pose)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Styled 310

* [Amarelo Manga] - Swimsuit Setiba (swimsuit)
* Slink (mesh hands, mesh feet)
* .:Glamorize:. New Occasion Lips - Bourbon (lipstick)
* *elymode* makeup - summer mix - sunflower w/ liner (eyeshadow)
* Maitreya Siri (hair)
* Swallow Anja (skin)
* Manifeste (pose)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Styled 309

* INNUENDO (jumpsuit, bracelets) - *CAROLINA*- NEW!
* {MUA} - Lipstick - Glitter - Fucsia (lipstick) - NEW!
* >TRUTH< Sierra (hair)
* Slink (mesh feet, hands)
* Swallow Anja Peach Nude (skin)
* Poseology (pose) - exclusive for Thrift Shop

Friday, July 26, 2013

Styled 308

* Poseology (poses + tube) - The BOYS of SUMMER
* Slink (mesh hands and feets)
* {MUA} - MakeUp Set - Pinky (make up set)

* Magika (hair)
* Dead Dollz (swimsuit)
* Swallow Anja (skin)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Boys of Summer

Didn't you visit it yet?
You still have one more week!

July 8 - July 29, 2013

Sponsored by:  Razor, Gabriel, Belleza, deeR, Insanya, KOSH, Aitui, n-creation and Lapointe & Bastchild

http://depravednation.com/the-boys-of-summer ‎

The Boys of Summer is a Depraved Nation Fashion Fair centered around mens appearance, fashion and accessories! 

This fair will have a very basic summer theme, and of course, be centered around men. Participating brands will be given a shop space to display their store content in, all content must be related to or designed for the Male Avatar.

Each participating brand will be providing a new, exclusive release priced at 50% off the normal cost.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Styled 307

That's a really cool outfit I made for a casting.
The theme was casual beachwear.
Unfortunately I was not taken. Probably they found me too casual, as everyone was wearing something very less casual. But it was fun and I met new interesting people and met new friends. Cool!

The hardest part was finding the right poses, as I really wanted to go for the beachball look. And I do thank Isoldel who made me a walking animation for it. The original outfit did not had the mesh hands, as I didn't have them in my inventory by the time I casted.
And by the way, the manicure of my hands is by Isomotion too.

* Slink (mesh hands, feet, shoes)
* E-Clipse Beachwear  Amelie (bikini top)
* Magika (hair)
* [Amarelo Manga] (pants)
* Swallow Sarah 07 Gatcha Arcade (skin)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Styled 306

 * E-Clipse (outfit) - NEW!
* [White~Widow] (hairbase)
* Beccikie (nails)
* Latreia- Gladiator Red (shoes) - exclusive BOYS OF SUMMER
* [CheerNo] (hair)
* *POSESION* The Hat set (pose) - Exclusive BOYS OF SUMMER

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Styled 305

This is one of the cutes couple pose props around at the moment. It's from ::WetCat::
I am modeling on it with my friend Siemgirl Karsin.

on Beccikie (left, boy):
*  "LoQ Hair" (hairbase)
* Beccikie Nails(nails)
* D R O P . Summer Shorts(shorts) - Exclusive BOYS OF SUMMER
* Gems & Kisses (bracelet)
* [CheerNo] (hair)

on Siemgirl (right, girl):
* .:KosmO:. BeachBody Straps (swimsuit)
* MiamMiam *MM* Yummy Charm (bracelet)
* Beccikie (nails)
* Magika (hair)
* Severed Garden {S.G}-BareFeetSummer (feet)
* ^^SWALLOW^^ Denise TDR edition Peach (skin)

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