Sunday, December 30, 2012

Styled 200

This time, for the 200th style, we have a guest.
I present you Victor Wonder!

On Victor:
* AMERIE - Mesh Cargo (black) - (pants)
* FATEwear Glove - Dexter-  Void - (gloves)
* Taketomi - Ryu- Hair- Color Black -  (hair)
* REPULSE - Nailed Eye Tattoo/Prim Nails - (Face tattoo)
* Deadwool - duster coat - black - (coat)
* DAMNED- beard style - (beard)
* KOSH- the key necklace - (necklace)
* PURF- sport shoes - (shoes)
*  .:Black Widow:. Unisex - (piercing)
* OPERA Realistic ear -(ears)

On Beccikie:
* Glitter - Secret (dress, face tatoo included) - NEW RELEASE!
* Vanity hair (hair)
* :::LP::: Quad Boots (boots) - FROST
* Candy Nail (nails)
* Gems & Kisses (bracelet)
* -Glam Affair- (skin)
* -Sorry.Asia- (eyes)

Promo - Glitter @ Designer Showcase

Starting for tomorrow for the new round of Designer Showcase, just 100$L.
Sculpted corset

Promo - ~Beccikie~ nails reduced!

There is a sale going on, until the end of the year. Some nails are marked down to 5$L in my store.
Go grab them. There are also men's nails.

This basic french is available for reduced price of 5$L together with lot of other must haves for any trendy girl or model.

It's so hard to find high quality men's items! Do not miss the chance to get these nails for just 5$L.

Here the SLURL.

Prim nails reduced to 5$L.
Skins from 1$L to 50$L.
Come down to .:KosmO:. and ~Beccikie~ to find out which items have been secretly reduced!
Only high quality products!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Modeling - Styling is a multiple option

Welcome again to some random discussion about modeling. This time I would like to pick some points of styling possibilities.
And I will do this with an example.
I found a red dress in my inventory. It's an old group gift from AZUL. I thought it would be a great example because it's something very basic and simple (just a tube dress) but pretty complicated itself (a red velvet precious texture).
And I imagined it could be styled for some formal event (or for a runway) or it can be styled for dayly (or blogging) use. You may see details of the two outfits in my last posts.
Styled 199
Styled 198

    Casual and a bit aggressive. Close to a glamour rockstar look. Boots with laces and a jacket give to the outfit a casual look that can be wellcomed everywhere.
No worries if you are just walking around, shopping, visiting friends, dancing in a disco...

This look is nice, but not too sophisticated.

Classy and elegant. For a special event or a ceremony. Would work also if you are supposed to present this dress in a runway show. High heels, not too much contrast, let the dress talk itself and shine in its beauty. Fine jewelry is a must, but not exagerate.

As you noticed, I used the same hair, skin and nails for both outfits. Of course, for a private use you can use any kind of skin you like to, and in the case of a runway you might use an even lighter skin tone. And in the second outfit I would personally have used some extravagant hair or an updo.
The point I wanted to show this time is that by adding a couple of things you can make something look completely different. This dress is simple, but it isn't that casual. But in my first look I made it look very casual, even if any god eye would recognize it's a very fine texture.
Another very important thing to notice is that there are some items that are absolutely must have for any aspiring model.
The skin, for example, thus it's not that light as it should be requested by most outfits, works good in both casual and elegant outfits, so one of the first steps of an aspiring model is to check his inventory and find the right skintone. If you don't have any yet, just drop by any skin store (well, there will be some recommendation about skins, soon I'll make a post) and and get a basic one, without make up. I am wearing a GLAM AFFAIR in natural tone, no make up.
A quick suggestion: take a look wich ones are the skin brands I am using the most. Probably those are good ones for models ;)
A note about the hair. I could have worn lot of different hairstyle but as you can see some very simple and basical hairstyles work good in most of the cases.
If you get a couple of nice updos you will have good chances to be ready to style any outfit.
The hairstyle I am wearing is perfect if you have to wear a hat, a head accessory and so on.
The nails are simple french nails. Works with everything and add perfection to your avatar. Gloves nailpolish and nude nails from the skin are definitely a no-go for a model.

Hope you enjoyed!
I hope you all got some ideas and topic to think about. Questions or discussions are welcomed in comments here, or directly inworld if I am online. Also available to use chat in my IW group: ._:::- I ♡ Beccikie -:::_.
For other online modeling classes, visit the online Academy

Styled 199

* -AZUL- (dress)
* Ncore (shoes)
* Amacci (hair)
* Beccikie (nails)
* Gems & Kisses (jewelry)
* -Glam Affair (skin)

Styled 198

* -AZUL- (dress)
* *DD* (boots)
* -SG- (jacket)
* //Color.Me.H.O.F (thights)
* Amacci (hair)
* Beccikie (nails)
* [ glow ] studio (earrings)
* -Glam Affair (skin)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Modeling - Getting started

You decided it. You want to be a model.
A real one, one of those whose faces are recognized when seen on a poster, one of those whose style is clear and unique. One of those who is hard to imitate.
Easy. When you describe it. Then, let's go to the practice.

To start a carreer as a SL model there are some must-haves.
These skills are common skills that every model should have.

* superior prim editing
* advanced styling possibilities

Prim editing is easy to describe. All prims should be fitting your avatar without getting into the shape in a weird way, or sticking out where they shouldn't. Patience and time will help you increase this ability.
Zooming in as close as possible, moving prims who happen to be in the wrong place.
And now with mesh items, the editing will be done on your shape, so that it won't stick out of the dresses where it is not supposed to.

Styling possibilities have two components. One is related to time and money. The other is related to you.
Time, because to have tons of skins, hairs, accessories, dresses and so on you have been around a lot to collect them. And money because most of the time you have to buy them.
Something you bought yesterday may not be usefull today and tomorrow, but still made your experience as a model.
I absolutely don't tell you to waste your money. Check what kind of works you would like to apply to, and select items that meet your personal taste. And yet items that you can combine with as many other items as possible.
And now we come to the part related to you. Assuming as a base that all models are able to adjust prims and have a sufficient variety of items to match (not to tell that they might also be ready to buy something if they may need it for some job), then it comes to you. You have been chosen because your taste in matter of colors, mixes and matches satisfies the person who is selecting you.
If the casting is to select a model for some easy-going and funny line of clothes with a relaxed atmosphere, they won't look for a sophisticated elegant model with heavy make up rather for a sunny and funny personality.

The first step for becoming a model is to spend your time editing your prims. You will learn tricks to adjust prims very quickly by sperimenting and taking a look at the editing tab.
The second step is to define your personality.
Some people say that a model has to be able to display everything. This is true. But a model also have to have some charachter and a defined personality. This will be the only way to leave your signature and to distinguish yourself in a world like SL, where everyone can look the same as the other just by wearing same skin and shape.

I'll be presenting some nice examples of styling with pictures very soon. In the meanwhile just keep practing with editing prims and finding your own styling!

I hope you all got some ideas and topic to think about. Questions or discussions are welcomed in comments here, or directly inworld if I am online. Also available to use chat in my IW group: ._:::- I ♡ Beccikie -:::_.
For other online modeling classes, visit the online Academy

Styled 197

* LC (outfit, boots, jewelry)
* R.icielli - Lipstick DOLL (make up)
* Amacci (hair)
* *Epic* .:F R O S T:. 2012 Demon Snowflake Horns (horns) - FROST 1$L
* [MC] Mystic Canvass (skin) - FROST
* Manifeste (pose)

Styled 196

* .:Teens'Kosmo:. (shirt, socks)
* (r)M~ (boots) - FROST
* [Amarelo Manga] - (shorts)
* Pink Acid Breeze Lipstick - FROST
* Beccikie (nails)
* FreakyDesign (hat, sweater) - FROST
* [e] Rush (hair)
* {.essences.} Rowena (skin)
* OVation (pose)

The following picture hasn't been edited at all. It's raw from SL.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Styled 195

* :[P]:-Dusk Heel- (shoes) - Christmas gifts
* :[P]:- Daunting Fate Corsets (top) - Christmas gift
* Reila : Skinny Jeans (pants) - FROST
* *Epic* (skin) - FROST
* *Alice Project* Ruki (hair) - ADVENT CALENDAR
* Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (breast implants)
* MADesigns EYES_NEON - night - FROST
* Purple Poses (pose)

I was actually having an hard time recently. I had the Lolas Push Up version, the prim ones, and I was planning to use them to blog. But then all designers just started to create and send out items created for the new Lolas Tango. At the time I had the prim version I thought I would get items for them, as in the past I wasn't able to blog the items in the "breast version" because I didn't have the breasts.
Than I still had the problem because like two days after my purchase, the new Lolas were out.
And I already blogged all items I had that would also be able to be worn with the Tango breasts.
I hope now that I have the Tangos I will have the opportunity to blog some dresses for them, and not need to buy new ones just the day after!
I want to thank my dear friend Quinn for buying me the new Tangos as a Christmas present. I love you my sweetie!
Well, last but not least, the corset worn in here is supposed to be worn with normal breast, but as I didn't have any new item to show with the Tangos, I thought that would work.
Thank you again, designers!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Styled 194

* Ydea Style (dress, shoes) - KV Xmas hunt 2012
* Purple Moon (hair, jewelry)
* Moondance (nails)
* Curio (skin)
* Manifeste (pose)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Styled 193

* [Amarelo Manga] (shoes)
* Beccikie Nails (nails)
* (Kunglers) (dress)
* Evian (make up)
* :: PM :: (hair)
* (AMD) Frost Knit Scarf - Off White (scarf) - FROST
* :.::Hot Stuff::.: Regina (skin) - NEW
* MADesigns EYES_NEON (eyes) - FROST

Spam - KV Christmas Show&Hunt 2012

As usual, the K.V. Dream Fashion Agency will be presenting some great events for your Christmas holydays. While outside is snowing, you can stay in the warm of your house and hunt for the amazing items presented in the hunt. Each prize is available for 0$L in the Agency's sim.
Great designers featured!
All the prizes will be also presented in a runway show, on the 20th December.
Here official link and infos.

I will also be posting some pictures of the items as preview very soon!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Styled 192

**Epic Boobies* Slasher Suit (dress) - FROST
* Yasum* Frost Heel (shoes) - FROST
* "LoQ Hair" (hair)
* ...::: Scrub :::... "And now?" (ears) - FROST
* ::Modish:: Jenika [Crema] (skin) - FROST
* MADesigns EYES_NEON (eyes) - FROST
* Manifeste (pose)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Style 191

* :[P]:- (shoes, corset, pants, jewels) - Christmas specials
* LOLAS! (boobs)
* Amacci (hair)
* Candy Nail(nails)
* MONS (skin)
* Manifeste (pose)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Styled 190

Yay, so many posts till now!

* (r)M~"UggStyle Boot (shoes) - FROST
* R.icielli - SALLY Skinny (pants)
* :[P]:- Malleus Alpha (shirt) - Christmas gift
* *Epic* .:F R O S T:. 2012 Demon Snowflake Horns (horns) - FROST
* .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ LEWIS ~ (hair) - FROST
* Beccikie Nails (nails)
* Gems & Kisses - Diesel - Black (jewelry)
* MADesigns EYELASHES ~ Naturale (lashes)
* -NIVARO- Emerson Skin FROST (skin) - FROST
* MADesigns EYES_NEON - dead (eyes) - FROST
* Manifeste (pose)

Styled 189

* WetCat (pose) - FROST
* *Cupcakes (top)
* No.9 Nylons Garter (thights)
* AngelRED - Exclusive Frost Boots (boots) - FROST
* "LoQ Hairs" (hair)
* =Razorblade Jacket= Party Dress (skirt) - FROST
* FreakyDesign - Black Angel open sweater (swaeter) - FROST
* Moondance (nails)
* [Chloe] Skin Luana (skin) - FROST
* MADesigns EYES_NEON (eyes) - FROST

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Styled 188

* [SYS] (skin)
* [SYS] (coat) - FROST exclusive, available in male version too!
* Manifeste (pose)

* Le Primitif (shoes) - FROST
* SHOCK (nails) - FROST
* Purple Moon (jeweled browns, headpiece)
* Amacci (hair)

* WetCat (pose) - FROST
* GK (jewelry)
* Apple May Designs (dress) - FROST

Spam - Paradise Kiss Studio&Magazine

It has been now a while that I joined the Paradise Kiss Studio. It's a photo studio with great quality photographers and a crew of models. You can book your photoshooting or you can organize with them any kind of print work you need. They will offer you models to do the print work you are looking for. They are perfect for vendors, adv campaigns, promos and whatever gets to your mind.
It is not an agency, it's a photostudio who offers you modeling service if you need models for the picture they will get you done.

On the other hand, the crew realizes a magazine, called Paradise Kiss Magazine. I am featured in December's issue.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Styled 187

* *Epic Boobies* Archangel Suit (dress) - FROST
* (r)M~ (shoes) - FROST
* adoness: auralee : (hair) - FROST
* [ S H O C K ] Leopard Style Nails (nails) - FROST
* Glam Affair - Ginny A ( Womenstuff Hunt ) - (skin)
* Manifeste (pose)

Styled 186

* Yasum* Frost Stromp (shoes) - FROST
* :[P]:- Jaded Sweater (top) - FROST
* *YS & YS* Alice (skin)
* *Alice Project* Seohyun [S] Christmas Black (hair) - ADVENT CALENDAR
* =Razorblade Jacket= Nylon Cotton Tutu (skirt)
* [ S H O C K ] Skulls & Stars Nails (nails)
* Manifeste (pose)

Styled 185

As promised, I made an outfit featuring Yasum's FROST Fair release, using just the long skirt. In black. Enjoy!

* Yasum* (long skirt, shoes, nipples pasties) - FROST
* ...::: Scrub :::... (prim pierced ears) - FROST
* "LoQ Hair" (hairbase)
* Anymore (eyes)
* Amacci (prim hair)
* Moondance (nails)
* Glam Affair (skin) - WITH LOVE HUNT prize
* Manifeste (pose)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Styled 184

Again and again, some FROST Fair items to show.
I have to say, I am very impressed from all the exclusive items you guys will be able to find at the fair. The fair will start on the 12th December, please sign it on your agenda! Just now, everyone is building up the location and making everything so beautyful.
The quality of all those items is amazing, and every participating designer just made new exclusive items for the fair, while of course some other famous items will be available.
There are some designer participating, which I already knew and blogged. Some other that I did not knw and I am very pleased I got to know, and some that I know but never had time to present on the blog or to go shopping at their store.
So now, they are all together in one fair, and your eyes won't know where to look at, as everything is so beautyful and eyecatching. Enjoy!
I dediced to go for my male version to present a couple of items. I just felt I wanted to be male today :D

* Graves (pants, collar)
* "LoQ Hair" (hairbase)
* Endless Pain Tatoos - Nightmare v2 (tatoo) - FROST!
* :::LP::: Quad Boots [Noir] (boots) - FROST!
* Beccikie (nails)
* [CheerNo]-THE COMMANDER (primhair)
* . : VyC : .  GABRIEL Skin  \bald   *Frost Fair 2012* (skin) - FROST!
* Manifeste (pose)

Mae Jewell presented her second exclusive tatoo for the fair. I love her tatooes because are the only ones that really do look great on both female and male shapes, and don't get streched in a crazy way when I pose.
The boots from Le Primitif come in several colors, and I think they are great for both more fantasy/avantgarde looks and everyday fashion.
About the skin, I love the pectorals. They look very sexy! And the legs also have very nice shaped muscles!

Great job designers!
Of course, also the items I already blogged are amazing... just, I not always have the time to comment the items I wear, sorry!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Styled 183

Some FROST fair items again!

* *MJS* (boots)
* Yasum* (jumper, sweater) - FROST fair item: the jumper comes with a long skirt version as well, but I decided to go for the short. You can also wear the long skirt without the jumper. I'll show this option in next posts probably.
* //Color.Me.H.O.F (thights)
* (Kunglers Extra) (necklace, ring) prize for: With Love from...Hunt
* :: Exodi :: Eyelashes
* Beccikie (nails)
* Magika - Fedora (hair) - probably not available anymore
* [ glow ] studio (earrings)
* ::DS:: Hollynn.Riesling.Tinsel - NEW release from Dulce Secrets
* Manifeste (pose)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Modeling - What is it all about?

All aspiring models should be reading this. And probably old models too.
At the moment I write, I am a two years experienced model. I started this career because I always edited my prims untill perfection, I enjoyed matching clothes together, I mixed different outfits to create my own unique "look of the day".
I wondered a long time, I had a friend when I was a real noob, on my very first account. She went for fun with her SL boyfriend to a Modeling Academy and was always trying to make those homeworks and stuff. She was more an anime charatcher oriented avatar, but she had to make an effort to have a shape for modeling, hair, skins and accessories she could use for modeling.
But she got bored and gave up.
By the time, all the modeling agencies we knew didn't have classes at a time that was suitable for my RL time. My friend attended classes while I was asleep in my RL night.
A long time later, I step in some people who told me "Hey, your avatar does look like a model! Your body is so perfect and your accessorizing is very detailed." And one of these friends introduced me to another of his friends, who was (and is still now) a model who attended a school, got some certifications and works on runway. This lady gave me other contacts, some people who were organizing a training. I joined it.
The aim of my try was to check if I would like it or not. And I did like it.
So I attended two more academies and even an advanced level training.
Now, what I want to say to old and new models. I had lots of discussions about why getting a certificate, why are people asking for your diploma, why some models who has a certification from the X academy get easier engaged than models from the Y academy, even if the second one might show better skills.
Being a model is an attitude. I kind of had this attitude myself since the beginning. Some people will never have this attitude. Some other don't have but play good the role of pretending to.
You don't just need to have a good looking avatar. You should have some good sense of matching things together. And not just in a classic and recognized way. You might want to explore and experiment. This is a great point for a model.
Aspiring models should ask themselves why they want to model. I wanted to do it because I felt it was my natural path. I am not looking for whatever fake fame. What I am looking for is being able to create as much as possible different outfits and styles. And this is amazing by being a model you get to style everything others ask you, not just what you like and buy.
My guardarobe is 99% of red items. It used to be my color.
But I worn some green, white, black, blue, yellow and so on dresses on stage, that it became for me a sort of challenge to style something that wasn't my color and still look gorgeus in it.
Let's say, this is my play, my game. I chose this path and I have to collect all weapons and skills I might need to use. Gamers should get my point.

Why do you need to attend classes?
It's because there is some common sense between models, some conventional issues, and some new trends you need to discover.
So you attend school and they tell you how your shape should look like, which hair you should mostly use, skin colors... and then start talking about poses, editing... and so on.
I wrote I got told so often that my body looked like a model's body. So many people told me. But no, I had to modify my shape a bit, too. I was too realistic. I was not much tall (but not a today's dwarf), had some butt and breasts. As a normal RL girl would be. Not too thin, but definitely no giant butt/breast. Neither taller than 1.70 metre.
What happened? I had to make myself taller, thinner, less butt and less breast, to be ready to fit in some crazy designer's prim creation. After wearing the dress, if it's the case and you don't get so much troubles with the prims, you might add some butt to make your body a bit round and realistic, but in no way make it curvacious!
Now things changed again because of mesh items: your body doesn't count much, as the designers already pick up for you how big your breast is going to be!
Same thing goes for the male models. Even if they don't have breasts, they might need to adjust shoulders and pectoral muscles.

I read sometimes things about being professional, but it's pretty complicated to stick to this topic. If you work in SL you will 99% of cases have problems with your SL private life. Partners who are jelous because you are talking with another colleague about the last release of the X designer, or because you take a photoshoot for the blog with that colleague, or they get bored while you are walking the runway...
Or even worst sometimes when you are dating another model, an agency owner, a designer...
So please try to make clear with your partner what are priorities in your relationship. Before starting any career, be sure he/she supports you and is willing to understand that you need some time on your own for your hobby/job.

I hope you all got some ideas and topic to think about. Questions or discussions are welcomed in comments here, or directly inworld if I am online. Also available to use chat in my IW group: ._:::- I ♡ Beccikie -:::_.
For other online modeling classes, visit the online Academy.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Styled 182

* INNUENDO *ANDRE'* by Ciccia Bergamasco (beanie, coat, sweater, pants)
* hoorenbeek (boots)
* Beccikie (nails)
* ~Tableau Vivant~ Marilyn (skin)
* Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (eyes)
* Manifeste (pose)

Styled 181

 * *DD* (botts)
* EndlessPain - Asian Dragon (tatoo) - FROST
* Chus! - Drei Augen (makeup and eyes attachment), Eissect (ice horns and wings) - FROST
* "LoQ Hair" (hair)
* Moondance (nails)
* [ glow ] eyelashes - Secret Eyes 01 (lashes)
* -Glam Affair- Linn Snow  (skin)
* Manifeste (pose)

FROST is the new event promoted by Depraved Nation.
The items shown here are limited edition for the Frost Winter Fair. More infos available on Depraved Nation website. For an overview about items of the fair I blogged, check my tagging label FROSTfair.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Styled 180

I wanted to blog one of the new tops from AMARELO MANGA, and then started to into my inventory what I could match. I found lots of things I forgot, like this cute super-old skin and the hair.
Other items are new and cool that you might want to read carefully my notes by the styling card. Enjoy!

* [Amarelo Manga] - Top Cheryl (top) - mesh
* R.icielli - SALLY Skinny (pants) - mesh, promo 10$L on marketplace!
* Evian - Makeup - Rockstar Green (makeup)
* !Imabee: Stigma - Rory (skin)
* AngelRED - Exclusive FROST Mesh Boots (boots) - FROST Fashion Fair
* Beccikie (nails)
* ChiChickie! Ellie (hair)
* Manifeste (pose)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Styled 179

New release from INNUENDO: Ambre!

* INNUENDO - *AMBRE* (dress, socks, bag, hairdeco, boots)
* [White~Widow - Face Tattoo] (makeup)
* Exile (hair)
* :: PM :: (earring)
* Beccikie (nails)
* -Glam Affair - Valentine (skin)
* Manifeste (pose)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Styled 178

Some of last releases from GLITTER!

* ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... (boots)
* GLITTER - Evelyn mesh sweater (dress)
* -Sorry.Asia- (make up)
*.:Glamorize:. (make up)
* "LoQ Hairs" With All My Heart (hair?
* [MANDALA] (nails)
* *YS & YS* Milena (skin)
* Behaviour Body (pose)

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