Monday, November 7, 2011

Styled 046

Heeey there!
Today we have two new items to introduce. First of all, thanks to the designers of LoveCats, LoveCat Thei, and the designer of Flirt, Nina69 Flux.
To be precise, the dress I am wearing is from LoveCats, and the eyeshadows is from Flirt.

I also became an official blogger of LoveCats from a few days, thus this is my first post about this brand. I am very sorry, I have already prepared a couple of outfits but the time to take pictures for myself is just a few.
I am actually very busy taking pictures of runway shows with a modeling agency, and also preparing the outfits I will be walking in a show next days. So, stay tuned and join my inworld group if you want to get an invitation for the runway! If you don't have chance to see the show, no worries, I will post the pictures on my blog after it!
So, coming to the details of what I am wearing!
* Behavior Body (pose)
* [e] (hair)
* [glow]studio (eyelashes)
* Beccikie (nails)
* Gasqhe (skin)
* Flirt (eyeshadow) - NEW - Flirt Color Me Liners (6 colors available)
* LoveCats (dress and accessories) - Coming up roses
And, yeah, the dress can be worn also in different options!
As a shorter top is also very cute. Or, as a babydoll.
Additional credits:
* LG Femme (pants)

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