Friday, January 20, 2012

Styled 119

 Hi there!
I wanted to blog a couple pose that looked lovely in the picture I got from the designer, but unfortunately I was not able to edit it correctly. So, after 3 hours of moving around the two poseballs...I gave up and that's it.
The two bodies doen't come very smooth together, I can't find the reason. I tried even editing my shape, but nothing worked out fine.
Anyway, if you just take a shoot of part of the bodies, it looks as nice as in the vendor picture.
Such a shame, because I thought it could be a lovely picture to take with my beloved Giovane Romano.

*{Mood Swings} (couple pose)

 Giovane Romano:
* posie (pose)
* Cheerno (skin, tatoo)
* Shag (hair)
* AITUI (hairbase, shirt)
* *COCO* (boots)
* Abyss (collar)

Beccikie Jyraffe:
* [e] (hair)
* Glam Affair (skin)
* [glow] studio (earrings)
* Beccikie (nails)
* MJS (shoes)
* Kanival (minidress)

I just hope all of you have more luck with couple poses, it seems that our shapes are not that able to get smooth together -.-' But we look stunning in single poses, do we? haha

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