Friday, January 20, 2012

Styled 120

 Ohay! My male version again and finally!
I think I want to work a bit more on this shape, I am not satisfied... well, not on the face because I tried to reproduce my female face as if we were twins...but the body, it does not represent what I was thinking I wanted to be as a male...or at least what now I would like to represent as a male. So, stay tuned for some newness that might be coming!
And yeah, most items are like female items anyway...but just done amazing with the rest so I keep them.
* Cheerno (skin)
* LoQ (hair)
* Beccikie (nails)
* .ploom. (lashes)
* MIEL (scarf)
* [glow] studio (earrings)
* Kennedy's (jeans, shirt) - Jack or Jill hunt gift: Depraved Nations
* Loordes of London (boots)

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