Wednesday, March 6, 2013

♛ Miss Metaverse – Austria 2013 - Official Sponsporships

I have to thank all friends and creators that are believing me in this hard path.
Even if I am really busy as you all know with different projects, thanks to you I am being able to compete at the top for the title of Miss Metaverse 2013.

Here is a list of all brands and people who are sponsorizing me with their creations.
I am still looking for a lot of items I will need to prepare my outfits and performances. If you wish to help me and offer me your creations, please contact me through IM or NOTECARD.

I will be posting here and on the top of my blog all people that sponsorize me. And I will be posting my outfits and my performances on this blog and all social medias I am involved into.
Please note your logos are next to this banner, above:

Thank you all! There will never be enough words to express you how thankful I am!

Before posting all brands and owners that are supporting me, here you see my officials Miss Metaverse Austria 2013 pictures.

Thank you designers, managers, store owners!

INNUENDO - Ciccia Bergamasco

^^Swallow^^ - luciayes Magic

Humanoid - Marcus Adkins

Vero Modero - Bouquet Babii

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